The Nissan Institute believes in education as a way to transform, contribute to and develop people for our society. As a result, our motto is Education for Citizenship.


After defining this motto, we designed three thematic areas to encompass the projects and initiatives we will conduct and/or support. All these areas, which are described below, include education, technology and innovation as cross-cutting concepts.


Vocational education EnvironmentMobility

Following its revamp, the Nissan Institute began to work in two distinct ways with its external stakeholders: selecting and supporting social initiatives through public contests, and also conducting its own projects. These two areas of action are associated with the institute’s new motto. Thus, we plan to work with strategic projects that have the potential to generate major impacts in the communities where they are implemented and a high level of internal engagement among our employees.

Our third area of action is our volunteering program, called Volunteers of Value, which has now gained internal strength and specific guidelines related to our motto and thematic principles.
We are attentive to the needs of the locations where our sites are based. As a result, Nissan Institute and Volunteers of Value Program projects are geographically focused on the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Resende and São José dos Pinhais, and their respective metropolitan regions.
Whenever possible, we prioritize activities with partners, including public sector and third sector organizations. This is one of the main principles for social transformation: working in a network! After all, collective challenges require collective action!


The Nissan Institute does not restrict itself to working with specific types of stakeholders. However, as it is an organization that values the concepts of diversity and inclusion, when selecting projects, it prioritizes those that involve diverse and inclusive groups, as it believes in the importance of building a culture in this area.