World of Professions: Talks end but knowledge remains

August 24, 2017
Series of talks at Olavo Bilac School in Resende comes to an end
After four weeks of interaction and exchange, the Nissan Institute’s series of talks at Olavo Bilac State School in Resende reached an end. The “World of Professions” project, which aims to open up a range of career options for high school students, organized a series of talks given by members of the Volunteers of Value group, benefiting around 120 students.
The topics covered included Motivation, Human Resources, Tools, Engineering, Maintenance, Logistics, Quality, and Imports & Exports. One of the highlights was a talk by volunteer Janine Lopes, who told her life story, which many of the young people identified with.
depoimento Lara Balbino
“What struck me the most was Janine’s life story. She went to this school and said she always studied hard. She couldn’t afford to go to university, but thanks to hard work she got a scholarship, graduated and now works as a coordinator at Nissan”. (Lara Balbino, student of Olavo Bilac State School)
During the closing event, the youngsters were able to get a close look at the Nissan Leaf electric car and Nissan Kicks.
On August 24, the project will be launched at Getúlio Vargas Municipal School in the neighborhood of Cidade Alegria.