Tree of Solidarity: spreading good around our community

December 18, 2018
Volunteers at Nissan sites sponsor children and senior citizens
Transforming gratitude into action was the goal of the Christmas Solidarity campaign, recently conducted at all NBA sites by the Nissan Institute. Employees and contractors donated nearly 500 gifts to be delivered to children, teenagers and senior citizens at six social institutions. Workers “adopted” beneficiaries through a Tree of Solidarity, and gifts were handed out at several institutions, bringing joy to their recipients and volunteers alike.
The Tree of Solidarity was decorated with tags showing the gifts’ intended recipients. Workers could choose who to sponsor, based on the tags’ details, which included each person’s name, life story and item they would like to receive. In Resende, the first and largest group was completely sponsored in less than 24 hours. In Rio de Janeiro, São José dos Pinhais and São Paulo, whenever workers picked a beneficiary, they replaced the tag on the tree with a heart-shaped decoration to symbolize the adoption, thereby keeping the tree fully decorated while indicating how many people had already been sponsored.
“At this time of year, people leave their everyday routines and become more sensitive, so they can focus more on others. That’s why I think initiatives like this are very opportune, showing there are children, teens and elderly people near us who need very simple things like a gift, attention or our time,” said Viviani Estasi, a Nissan Institute translator and volunteer.
According to logistics analyst Ricardo Dias, activities of this kind perfectly express the idea of gratitude. “Through the Tree of Solidarity, we were able to offer other children what we can offer our own children. It’s a way of showing our gratitude,” he said.
The six institutions that benefited from the initiative were the Parque das Águas Municipal Nursery, Nicolino Gulhot Rest Home and Green Corner Vegetable Garden in Resende; children’s charity Saúde Criança in Rio de Janeiro; NGO Instituto Compartilhar in São José dos Pinhais; and Teachers Without Borders in São Paulo.