Good friends donate blood and makes the difference

July 19, 2017
Volunteers organize blood collection event in Rio de Janeiro
July 20 is Friendship Day in Brazil. To celebrate the occasion, members of the Volunteers of Value group organized a very special and generous event on July 18. In partnership with the Rio de Janeiro State Blood Bank, Hemorio, Nissan do Brasil’s office in the city of Rio received a team of professionals and all the infrastructure needed to collect blood.
The blood collection post was set up in a shared part of the office building to make it easier for employees of other companies to take part as well. Over the course of six hours of work, 93 bags of blood were collected, including 32 from Nissan employees, not including their guests. Considering that a single donation can save up to five lives, this event could potentially impact as many as 465 people.
depoimento Bernardo Ortigão
“To begin with, we pre-screened the donors, in order to eliminate those who did not meet the prerequisites. After this, we screened and registered the 108 candidates. From this total, we collected 93 bags of blood, which represents a very low rejection rate, according to Hemorio”. (Bernardo Ortigão, Volunteer of Value)
The Nissan Institute congratulates the event’s organizers and donors, who demonstrated the true meaning of friendship.