Volunteering project students visit Nissan plant

October 31, 2017
World of Professions presents practical aspects of job market
In October, around 40 students from Getúlio Vargas Municipal School and Olavo Bilac State School, both in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, had the opportunity to visit Nissan’s plant through the World of Professions project.
This is just one of the Nissan Institute’s volunteering initiatives. A few weeks ago, several members of the Volunteers of Value group gave talks at the schools to outline their professional careers, inspire students and give them useful tips.
Now it was the students’ turn to get a close-up look at the work environment the professionals talked about.
depoimento Mylena Oliveira
“I’d really like to work at Nissan. I’m going to apply to do a training course at Senai immediately”. (Mylena Oliveira, 2nd grade student at Olavo Bilac School)
depoimento Thiago Silva
“I’ve visited other plants in the past, and they were very different in terms of their organization and processes. During the visit, I saw many people who had studied with me on the technical course and this has encouraged me to continue”. (Thiago Silva, 2nd grade student at Olavo Bilac School)