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November 3, 2016
“World of Professions” volunteering project arrives in Caju, Rio de Janeiro
On October 31, it was the turn of volunteers in Rio de Janeiro to present their professions as part of the “Caju, a new perspective project”, helping to spread knowledge and inspiration.
The topics addressed in this first event in Rio were information technology, project management and law, presented to students in the first groups of a technical computing course. The students reacted enthusiastically to the IT content, naturally enough, given its similarity to their course, but the other topics also sparked interest.
Volunteers from Nissan’s legal department used all the powers of persuasion that their profession demands and surprised the young students with everyday cases, while an explanation about project management helped bring out the manager that exists in everyone.
The next phases of the project in Caju will take place in the coming months, in line with topics of interest to the students.
depoimento Roberta Quintaneiro

It was very good to see the students’ interest and participation. As law is a subject of public interest and part of our everyday lives, they can make use of this content whether or not they take up this profession. It was gratifying to know that in some way I contributed to their career choices.” (Roberta Quintaneiro, Volunteer of Value)
Volunteers involved: