Volunteers collect Easter eggs in Resende

April 22, 2019
Donations benefit twice as many children as hoped for
Between April 4 and 15, a Volunteers of Value group came together to collect Easter eggs for Dona Lili Municipal Nursery in Resende. The initiative was announced on the Nissan Institute’s Volunteers of Value website and throughout Nissan’s plant in Resende. Volunteers signed up to work as facilitators for the campaign, encouraging colleagues from different areas of the company, family members and friends to donate eggs.
Collection points were set up around the plant, and within a short time they were full of chocolate eggs. The target was to collect 127 eggs, but Nissan employees outdid themselves, and in the end, 280 eggs were donated.
Because of the initiative’s success, the eggs ended up being donated to three institutions in the municipality, explains volunteer Viviani Estasi. “We managed to help Dona Lili Nursery and also the Green Corner project and Sagrado Coração Nursery. Thanks to the volunteers and the involvement of colleagues and other people who made donations, we put smiles on the faces of more than 250 kids,” she says. The Easter eggs were given to children aged between one and 13 years who are supported by the three institutions in question.
Congratulations to the Volunteers of Value!