The magic of the Olympic spectacle firsthand

August 2, 2016
Nissan Institute donates tickets to general rehearsal of opening ceremony
The last Sunday of July was a special day for young people involved with two NGOs, Miratus and Fundação Gol de Letra, when hundreds of youth and their families got a taster of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games’ opening ceremony.
The general public rehearsal, which took place at the Maracanã Stadium, was very thrilling. In the audience, some of the Nissan Institute’s guests enjoyed the performance’s surprises, while others looked at the stage and the grandeur of the stadium. It was their first time at the Maracanã.
depoimento Rayssa Mariana
I used to see people from other cities going there, and despite living in Rio de Janeiro, I’d never been there. Now that I have been there, I can take someone else when I am older.”
(Rayssa Mariana, Miratus student)
depoimento Queisiane dos Santos
It was inexplicable, all my hair stood on end. It’s very big there. And when I saw the official ceremony on TV, I said ‘I’ve already seen this.’ It was exciting.”
(Queisiane dos Santos, Miratus student)
depoimento Luana Navarro
It’s very different, because on TV you see everyone normally, but when you get there it’s exhilarating.”
(Luana Navarro, Miratus student)
The group of children from Miratus was joined by Ygor Coelho. This badminton player, a former Miratus student, will be taking part in the opening ceremony on August 5 as part of Brazil’s delegation of athletes.