The magic of Monteiro Lobato comes to Gol de Letra

July 7, 2017
Volunteers act out stories from kids’ fantasy novels
On Wednesday, the fantasy and adventures of Sítio do Pica Pau Amarelo, a series of children’s fantasy novels, came to Fundação Gol de Letra, a non-governmental organization in Rio de Janeiro. In two sessions, volunteers told stories written by Monteiro Lobato to students aged nine to 12 at the institution.
Dressed up as the characters of Emília, Narizinho, Formiga Ruiva and Marquês de Rabicó, the volunteers acted out three stories by the author: “Emília’s engagement,” “The red ants” and “The seven little piglets.” As a backdrop, a line of images of the characters was set up, accompanied by the soundtrack from the respective kid’s TV show.
As happens in all volunteering activities, the volunteers left with the certainty that they had learned more than they had taught.
depoimento Patrícia Mello
“As they are small children, you need to really get and keep their attention. We had to develop our acting skills and be creative and dynamic”. (Patrícia Mello, Volunteer of Value)
At the end of the event, a copy of the book “Emília’s engagement” was donated to the institution’s library.