The Olympic flame that warmed Miratus

August 1, 2016
Representatives of the NGO carried the Olympic torch
As well as sport, coaches and excellence, do you know what Team Nissan athlete Ygor Coelho and the Miratus Association have in common? The opportunity to carry the Rio 2016 Olympic torch!
This week, the entire “Miratus family” enjoyed an unforgettable moment. For Ygor and Sebastião, father and son, the emotions were even more intense. The badminton athlete received the Olympic flame from the hands of his father, who carried the torch, leading a group representing Miratus. The experience was shared with the NGO’s young athletes, who accompanied the delegation and helped to cheer up the public in Rio de Janeiro’s Baixada Fluminense region.
depoimento Ygor Coelho
I can’t find the words to describe this magic moment! Carrying the Olympic torch was incredible, but receiving it from the hands of my father will definitely always remain in my memory.”
(Ygor Coelho, Miratus Association student and Team Nissan athlete)
Ygor started to play badminton at the Miratus Association, which was established by his father and is supported by the Nissan Institute. He became the first Brazilian to win a place at the Olympics in the sport.