This year’s Winter Warmth Campaign comes to an end

June 12, 2017
Donated items will keep people warm in this Winter
The Nissan Institute has completed another Winter Warmth Campaign. Around 4,000 donated items were collected at Nissan do Brasil’s four sites, in Resende (Rio de Janeiro state), the city of Rio de Janeiro, São José dos Pinhais (Paraná), and the city of São Paulo.
Volunteers of Value encouraged employees to donate coats, other clothes, accessories and blankets, collected them and then took them to several charities.
depoimento Raysa Lellis
We received clean and well-cared-for items, in excellent condition. We will be able to deliver the donations to three institutions, which is wonderful.” (Raysa Lellis, Volunteer of Value)
In Resende, volunteers shared out the donated goods among four groups, including homeless people. They did this in partnership with social project Turma do Bem, whose founders include Nissan employee Igor Guerra, and which regularly hands out meals to street people in Resende.
Beneficiaries in each municipality:
Resende – rest homes Casa da Acolhida and Nossa Casa, Nicolino Gulhot Rest Home, street people, and i9 Paletes social project
Rio de Janeiro – Miratus Badminton Association
São José dos Pinhais – NGO Associação Borda Viva, rest home Jesus Maria José and São José
São Paulo – NGO Casa do Zezinho